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About Us

WEnU global Consulting is a global consulting Group from Cameroon in Central Africa, offering various services across the globe.
We are the first global consultancy Group in Cameroon and all Central Africa with various consultancy Companies and services, We assist all our clients whereever they are across the globe.

We connect you with professionals of your domain and advise you on how to grow your business. We are building the most secure software in the industry and we are working with many top compagnies in USA, CHINA and India

We are building the most secured electrical systeme, and we are monitoring all our system with the help of digital conttrol

We are offering you first classe IT solutions for your company

Customize your customer care service with us with the help of our high tech call centers.
We are one of the fastest growing services provider in Central Africa.

What We Offer

MECS Cameroun is our head company that focuses on Educational Consultancy services. We work with more than 5 Top Indian Universities. We already forwarded more than 200 Students to India
We are one of the leader in IT solutions in Cameroon and central Africa. Make our job easy with our intelligent System, save time and earn more.
Many Companies doesn't want to loose money some want to be on top of ranking. We are giving the best strategies and skills to grow your Business

We are giving you solutions in: Web development, Mobile and Web Application, Software Programming. We are building the most secured software at a very lowest price in the Market.
Customers are Kings, so you must be there for them at any time. Customize your customer care service with us with the help of our high tech call centers services 24h/24
We are specialised in domestic and industrial electrification, construction of dam for small communities. Access control and, CCTV Cameras installation.

The Team

Mr. Massako Ngend Tobie Rutherford is the C.E.O and founder of this young and Dynamic group. He is the decider in chief of the Group. He often play the role of a daily Consultant.
Playing the role of the general Coodinator of all the activities of the Company. She is the right hand of the executive (C.E.O). She is making sure that all the Jobs are done properly according to the Customer needs
She the Coodinator of all the Consultants's activities. She is making all the planning and make sure that evry consultants is on the appropriate job. She is also the personal assistant of the executive (C.E.O)
In the domain of IT, Software development and in all ourtechnical field, we have a good team of 4 engineers that are working on live project daily. Engineers are directly taking oders from the executive(C.E.O)
We have more than 2 Consultants in every field or services that we are offering. They are experts that are following and advising all our Customer. They are making sure that the services are on point.